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Please be aware this part of our website is under construction

- we are updating it at the moment to give you more information about the island!

What to do and see

There is so much to do and see!

Once you've completed your Scuba diving, Snorkelling or Freediving for the day.

Exploring the jungle is one of the main activities our visitors experience.

The island is 63% National Park.

The Dales are a highlight (RAMSAR wetlands)

Trekking to the beaches of Dolly and Winifred

Climbing down the rope at West White

Exploring secret places, finding the old trains and the remnants of the space station.

Finding a hidden temple or graveyard

Allways remember to have a quick dip in the grotto to cool off at the end of the day though!

Some other activities you can do

  • Birdwatching

  • Photography

  • Fishing

  • Golf

  • Mountain biking

  • Immerse yourself in history and culture

Please be careful out there!

We recommend getting a locator beacon (PLB) from the police station.

Further information can be found at the Visitor Information Centre

What to do

Crab Migration

Christmas Island is well known for its annual crab migration.

Anytime from October to December each year.

Many roads close during this event, and it can take a little longer to get places.

You can see crabs all year round however.

Further accurate information about the dates and spawning comes from Parks Australia

Crabs rock.jpeg
crab migration

Car Rental

A car is a MUST on the Christmas Island.

There are a number of hills, and the humidity & temperature make it uncomfortable to walk to many places of interest.

We can organise a car on arrival, however, we strongly suggest you book one in advance, during peak season.

Airport transfers

Should you not wish to hire a car during your stay, we can transfer you to your accommodation, if you are scuba diving or staying with us in our accommodation.

Please contact us for details 

Airport information can be found here

car rent airport


 Christmas Island has fantastic weather all year around, with little variation in temperatures throughout the year

Temperatures reach an average high of 28°C in April and an average low of around 22°C in August. Humidity is lowest during the middle of the year (dry season), while you might get some showers from November to April (wet season).

Most of the island’s activities can be enjoyed all year round, including diving, snorkelling, bushwalking, birdwatching and golf. 

We often joke the weather will be 27 degrees with a chance of thunderstorms! Everyday

We use a number of different weather applications to view the conditions on Christmas Island.

The strength of the wind being most important for our diving days.

sea temperature christmas island

The sea temperature on Christmas Island changes by 5 degrees celsius over the year.

The average temperature ranges from 25 to 30.

Many find they can scuba dive in board-shorts most of the year, however when the water gets cooler, a wetsuit is definitely recommended.


Mobile phone & Internet


A Telstra 2G GSM mobile phone service operates in the populated areas of the island.

Many other Australian providers (Optus etc) will not work.

There is currently no mobile data service, and reception is patchy or non-existent in most of the national park and around the island.


Telstra SIM cards can be bought at several shops on the island, including the Christmas Island Post Office.


Global roaming for phone and text messages is available for carriers that have roaming agreements in place with Telstra – check with your provider for details. Public phones are also available at various locations around the island.


Internet access on Christmas Island is provided by satellite.

In 2020 a fibre optic cable was installed to the island however, many areas are not serviced.


There is currently no internet available via the mobile phone network.

There is an internet cafe at the Visitor Information Centre, or you can pick up a prepaid voucher for the wifi hotspots located in township areas.


Divers Villa & Seaspray have free Wifi via fibre for customers.(fair use policy)

We recommend downloading any apps or visitor guides onto your mobile device before arriving on Christmas Island. 


Landscape jungle
Crabs close water
Crabs wall
Crabs robber2
Crabs rock
Birds booby
Crabs robber close
Crabs blue
Crab baby2
Ci from above
Crabs close water
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