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Christmas Island



Snorkelling is a great way to explore the coast and see the marine life situated around the Island. 

Christmas Island is surrounded by high cliffs with only a few places you can snorkel safely from land.


We recommend everyone takes the chance to experience the island from sea and join us for at least one trip during your stay.

The chance to see the deep drop offs, a war wreck, whale sharks, mantas, and hundreds of fish is always there, an experience that you will never forget.

All of our staff are certified snorkel instructors and guides, so even those who don’t have much experience, can learn how to fit a mask and breathe through a snorkel.

Snorkellers are able to join our 4 hour dive trips, with a minimum of 2 full hours in the water, however, during peak periods, or subject to minimum numbers/ larger groups we can run a separate trip for snorkellers.

For those not wishing to spend 4 hours out at sea, many weeks we also run afternoon snorkel trips to give flexibility to everyones schedule. These last 2 hours, and we show you as much as possible in a short time. 

Most of the time on our trips, you will be independently snorkelling, so you can take your time to explore at your leisure.

If you need a guide or instruction we can provide this as long as it is organised in advance.

Snorkel, mask, fins and flotation devices are included (prior booking)

Fish Whaleshark2.jpeg
Nemo landscape winifred.jpeg


Freedivers are welcome to join us on our snorkel trips or dive trips.

Christmas Island provides a unique freediving location with the steep drop-offs so close to shore making it ideally suited for choosing your depth without limitation.

The drop offs can range from 100m - 500m within 200m of the shore and you will be able to see interesting scenery all the way down.

We know some pretty cool places you can dive to around the coastline.


Disabled & Accessibility

Snorkelling is for everyone who can swim.

Your disability should not stop you from experiencing the wonders of the sea.

We welcome those with any special needs to our dive shop and boat.

Please contact us for details, so we can advise you further and provide any equipment.

Our staff have experience with wheelchair users and other disabilities. 

We love to assist everyone!

As divers we can't hear anything under the water properly, we can't speak under the water (we use hand signals), we have foot long feet, so can't walk properly (fins).

We have this experience every day and can adjust to your needs!

Its about what you can do- not what you can't!


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