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Come Dive With Us


The dives around Christmas Island are a unique experience.

In addition to coral gardens with huge table corals, there are steep drop-offs up to several hundred metres deep.

More than 200 coral species live here, as well as endemic fish populations and some big pelagic creatures such as whale sharks and mantas often make an appearance.

The visibility is excellent all year round - usually over 30 metres - and the temperature stays between 24 to 29 Celsius, making every dive a comfortable affair.

We can accommodate divers of all experiences and offer both SSI and PADI courses if you want to add to your qualifications.

Our boat has ample space for 16 divers and gear, so why not contact us today and book an experience unlike any other in Australia.

Come Stay With Us

We offer a range of Accommodation with a choice of our magnificent refurbished colonial house at Divers Villa or at the cosy Seaspray Villa.

Both Villas overlook the dramatic coastline of Christmas Island and provide a well equipped self catered kitchen at your disposal.

From Deluxe to Economy options, you can tailor your accommodation according to your desires.

There is a large living area in the Divers Villa furnished with comfortable couches and a big dining table, while our outdoor areas provide excellent places to relax and socialise while watching the frigate birds and boobies soar down the coastline.

Find out more about our accommodation options in the link below or Enquire Now to check our availability

Dive brief.jpeg

Our Team Will Look After You

Whether you have 0 dives or 1000, our team will make sure that you are satisfied with your Christmas Island diving experience.

Our team of local staff, will assist you in getting the most out of your stay on the island, offering a tailored & personal service to each and everyone who arrives.

We are part of Extra Divers Worldwide, an organisation that takes pride in their ability to provide an excellent experience by combining professional tourism with outstanding customer care.

With the options of bringing your own gear or using ours, choosing to dive using Air or Nitrox, DIN or Yoke/INT we ensure that you can dive how you want.

If you want to stay with the group and be guided, or dive as a buddy pair, we don't mind.

We want you to dive how you want to dive!

We accept all qualifications and our Instructors are certified to offer courses from both SSI and PADI organisations.

To learn more about our team, head on over to our About Us page.

Fish Whaleshark2.jpeg

About Christmas Island

Sometimes called 'The Galapagos of Australia', Christmas Island features a unique set of land animals to partner with the amazing sea life.

From the vibrant Red Crabs and their famous yearly migration to our spectacular sea birds including the Red Footed Booby and the endemic Christmas Island Frigate Birds and Goshawks.

You also can't miss the huge Robber Crabs or the freshwater Blue Crabs down in the Dales while exploring the natural infinity pools scattered around the island.

This island truly is a special place.

Crab baby2.jpeg
Birds booby.jpeg
Blue Crab Mum.jpg

Arriving on Island

When you arrive on the island, pick up your transport  and make your way to your accommodation.

Once settled, please come to the dive centre at 5pm on the day of your arrival, for a quick check in. 

(Please note only Telstra phone service works on the island, should you need to phone us)

Please bring along your dive certifications, log book, medical certificate (if you have a "yes" on any of the questions) and dive insurance information at this time.

We'll get you sorted with any dive equipment that you may need to hire, complete paperwork, safety briefing and give you a quick orientation as to how the set-up works here.

CI Blackboard weclome.jpeg


Our dive shop has a roomy veranda for dive briefings and hanging out after your dives.

We also provide:

  • 12 litre aluminium tanks with DIN connection (INT/Yoke available) 

  • Rental equipment from Aqua Lung

  • Dive shop

  • Nitrox 32% (surcharge of AUD 10, - per dive)

  • Rental of underwater cameras

  • 2 speedboat for max. 20 people incl. crew and guides



We accept credit cards (Visa & MasterCard - a surcharge applies) and also Australian Dollars in Cash.

There is no ATM on the island, most places accept card payment-  it's worth having some extra cash.

Money can be exchanged and withdrawn at the post office dependent on which bank you are with.

It is possible to withdraw cash from the Westpac bank, however, this can take a little more time.

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